In order to do something worth doing you need to do it the right way!  Exercising with bad form/posture not only will produce minimal or no results, but can leave you injured…seriously injured especially if you’re trying to challenge yourself with “heavier” weights. This is where and what we specialize in, we instruct in a simple way, no big words.  Just watch what your instructor is modeling and follow along, we’re not going to just count reps, we watch, advise and encourage.



Before we start exercising we make it a priority to warm up to get your blood flow moving. Proper stretching is also essential to get people more mobile during training.  We understand there are many people with stationary jobs so giving you exercises with full range of motion is one of the best things you can do for full body mobility.  Slowly but surely we will work you up to a more flexible you.


Weight Loss:

Weight loss is monitored with a finger pulse reading device to ensure you’re in the right intensity level while training…whether you’re 9 or 90 years old. Our take on this is quite simple. We either give you a compound exercise (multiple muscle groups working at one time) to increase your heart rate – or we go with intensified aerobics to suit your fitness level. There are also some very interesting stability and mobility movements that require a lot of focus and balance to complete. This is a completely new way of challenging yourself.



Time after time as you continue with your training, you’ll notice you’re becoming more and more flexible. The main reason for this is the stretch work we do during your sessions. As stated above, proper stretches whether it be dynamic or static ( a moving stretch or a held stretch ) should be used fairly frequently. This will promote safety, effectiveness, and mostly ensure a great mind-muscle connection. Exercising like this will lead to a WAY better workout then what most people are used to, this seriously makes a huge difference in results.




Building muscle is an exciting process, but it is a slow and tedious one…No, you will not look like a “body-builder” because you lift heavy, especially if you’re a female. This is a myth. With that being said, the journey is a gratifying one (done correctly with full range of motion) whether you’re a male or female. With our modern and sleek studio, we will always stay true to the roots of bodybuilding training: sets and reps – moderate to heavier weights – good form. Plain and simple here.



time to talk about “nutrition,” which is hands down the most important thing. Imagine your body as a race car, what kind of fuel are you filling it up with to get maximum performance? Keep in mind max performance is not only physical, but just as much mental for your body. With this said, we take your body fat measurements using a hand held device, calculate how much fat you have above the muscle tissue and give you 3 set of numbers which must be consumed everyday to achieve your goal, quickly and effectively.  These numbers are grams of protein, grams of carbs, and grams of fat. This is called your macronutrients – you will have to prepare your meals using these specific numbers for your goal, whether it be five meals or just two (based on your schedule). Once you master this, you’ll be on your way to a healthy mind and a very healthy body. We can stand behind our word 100%.  All you need is to meet us half way, and we WILL meet you the rest of the way.