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Unless commitment is made, there are only promises and hopes; but no plans. We make plans. You follow through. We get results.


The food you eat can be either the safest & most powerful form of medicine or slowest form of poison. Simplicity and Consistency is the key with what we teach.


People are unique and not the same, in order to achieve a certain goal, training must be fully customized for the individual. this leads to superior fitness results and greater risk and injury prevention.


I’ve tried other personal training programs before but, for one reason or another I could never stick with it. Then I found Turbo Personal Training & Nutrition. Amer took the time to truly understand what my goals are. He helped me to set realistic goals making my training very positive with less chance of getting discouraged. I love the nutrition plans and most importantly, Amer knows how to push me without worry of injury. I’ve never felt “at home” in a big impersonal gym but, I do at Turbo with Amer. I actually look forward to my workouts now!

Jessica Zelizo

I’ve been going to Turbo Personal Training for about 6 weeks now. Started with an 8 session package and recently signed up for an additional 12 sessions. It’s been great working out with Amer. Each session is different and there are many fun aspects to the workout so I don’t get bored. He definitely pushes me hard but also knows when to lower the reps or reduce the weights so as to not cause any injury. I’m working hard enough to feel the soreness in the days after…no pain, no gain! Besides myself, my father who is 91 years old also works out with Amer twice a week to strengthen his core and improve his stability. I can see how careful Amer is when he’s working with my father. My father enjoys his sessions so much he says it’s better than when he went for physical therapy. His stability and gait has improved tremendously since working with Amer. I would highly recommend Amer… He’s super nice and you will see results!

Melissa Ho

About a month ago my husband signed me up for personal training. I’m normally someone who starts something and never finishes. This time is different. Ameer is warm and welcoming and makes you feel like family. He takes his job seriously and pushes you to succeed. I get excited to go now. I’m seeing results and learning more about myself in the process. I’m thankful for the opportunity and plan on continuing.

Franca M.

Amer is the best trainer I have ever had! He knows how to motivate each of his clients to get the best results. He also designs each workout differently, so it’s fun and challenging at the same time.
The facility is super clean

Lin J.

I wanted to work with a personal trainer, get some of the basic down, and preferably one with his/her own studio, not like the trainers at the big box fitness center that I work out at. My search started with Groupon. That how I came to meet Amir, owner of Turbo Personal Training. He came across as very knowledgeable, knew where my current fitness level lies, and knew exactly the intensity of workout I could handle. Not to say he baby me. Amir would push me a bit beyond current conditioning state. My body recuperates and adapt until the next session where the exercise regime was taken to another level. In just a few sessions, I lost several pounds, learn to eat a more healthful diet, and saw improvement in my overall stamina. Folks, it is not too late to start on your New Year fitness resolution. Amir is the personal trainer that can help you get there. Thanks, David.

Washington G.

I’ve been training with Amer for 4 months already. My overall mental and physical well being is a “night and day” difference since I started. Amer focuses on your goals whether it’ll be fat loss, endurance, strength training, whatever your needs are. My progress has been paramount; I’m starting to see my muscles toning, my strength is incredible I never felt this strong and so good ever. Speak with him, he’s very attentive and a great listener.

Mark M.

Personal Training at Turbo is great, Amer is very good, very knowledgeable, always willing to push you to the limits in order to get the results you want. Besides training, he also will give you a diet to obtain and reach your ideal weight. My overall experience at Turbo has been extremely good.

Luis S.

I’ve been training with Amer for almost 1 year now. I’m stronger leaner and I look and feel better than I have in years. I explained what my goals were when we began and Amer helped me put in the work necessary to achieve them. He helps me focus on the areas I want to work on and keeps the sessions high impact and effective. He also mixes up the exercises and techniques well enough to make the experience fun and spontaneous. This is important because it keeps me engaged and helps me mentally hurdle the exercises. Working with Amer is my 1st experience with a personal trainer and by far the most effective way I’ve ever trained. It’s not a workout routine. It’s a fluid, adjustable process that requires commitment inside and outside the of the studio. Amer has and continues to help me get to where I want to be physically. I highly recommend working with him.

Jose Chariez

I’ve been wanting to get in shape and had NO idea where to start. The idea of a personal trainer was always intimidating until I stumbled across this hidden gem! Whether you’re looking to just tone up like me or lose all that summer beer and brunch weight, Amer’s the guy to see.

I came in not knowing what to expect. During the consultation, I told Amer exactly what I wanted, areas that needed improvement and my end goal. From that, he created a fitness plan tailored to me, a plan that pushed my limits without discouraging me. He’ll work with you at your own speed.

The facility is super clean and I LOVE how intimate it is. It’s by appointment only so no more gymtimidation. No one’s judging you if you can’t finish that last squat except you. Prices are comparable to larger gyms but the personalized service here makes a huge difference in experience and results.

Thuy N.

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